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Mr. Natvarsinh N. Thakor


Mr. Natvarsinh N.Thakor, a graduate with his qualification has solely initiated to serve the government association for the welfare of the infrastructural facilities.

Mr. N.N.Thakor enriched by earnings and his optimistic skills and among other works, he is thoroughly ensconced in serving the governmental departments associated with the infrastructure. Due to his sound confidence and high missions, he has succeeded in serving the government departments and is still putting efforts for the becoming the asset of the company.

Mr. N.N.Thakor, with his ethnic engineering skills, has served various government projects and has succeeded up to a large extent.

Mr. Nayansinh N. Thakor


Mr. Nayansinh Thakor, a graduate in B.Tech Civil Engineering from well-known NIRMA UNIVERSITY, Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Masters in Civil Engineering from NICMAR, Pune, Maharastra as well as Masters in Project Management from International Institute of Technology (I2IT), Pune, Maharastra.

Mr. Nayansinh is in favor of taking up the holistic view of the management in which there would be a scope for the optimum utilization of resources showing high results as well as success for the company. He assumes full responsibility over his activities and for the progress of the company. Mr. Nayan also has a vast experience and shows keen interest in the field of technical aspects also.

Mr. Nayansinh plays a very vital and supporting role in the company.